No. 1 Shura

Shura Portrait
Shura – acrylic on reclaimed wood panel

It was Shura who kicked off the whole thing. I’d wanted to do something to celebrate all the brilliant musicians who have changed and shaped my life. When I first heard Touch it shifted something.  I was pretty far down at the time and had lost things I didn’t know how to get back. Suddenly I felt truly alive, in a way I last remember (musically) with the Sugarcubes on The Chart Show in 1987 with Birthday. The ‘what the hell is that and where can I find more?’ moment.

I wanted to do something as a tribute to all the women who have made the music that has enriched my life. So I’m starting a series of (random number) 100 paintings of women electronica artists whose work I love, based on various eclectic, arcane and unquantifiable criteria. Why?  Er… Because.

Shura is launching her first album right now. Wishing her the best. Keep making extraordinary and beautiful music.

Shura’s website.


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