No.5 Andrea Parker

Andrea Parker – Acrylic on paper & reclaimed wood

Andrea Parker is a British DJ and electronic musician who does awesome things with sound.

Source: Listen to a mix by Andrea Parker – The Wire

She recently assisted with work around the reconstruction of Daphne Oram’s Oramics machine*. Here she is talking about this in an Interview with Stray Landings:

To build something as pioneering and as unique as the Oramics machine to read waveforms drawn on 35mm film which triggered sounds as it was passed through a beam of light is the concept that paved the way for electronic music as we know it today; the earliest form of the electronic synthesiser! Truly amazing and a great slice of British engineering and mathematics, all built into the empty shell of her own dressing table! The story behind this album began when I was called into a meeting at The Royal Festival Hall who were putting together The Oramics Night – a night celebrating Daphne Oram and the Oramics machine. They were looking for an artist who could write and produce an original piece of music incorporating some of Daphne’s sounds and then perform the piece live. I couldn’t believe the opportunity I had been given. The defining moment for me was when I was given access to Daphne’s numerous recordings and sounds. These sounds, like Daphne’s Oramics machine itself, are a part of British musical history. Where America had Bob Moog, Britain had Daphne Oram. Daz and I used literally hundreds of samples and all 100 channels of our mixer for this one piece. We knew we couldn’t stop there! We felt like we had only scratched the surface and wanted to dig deeper into the life and works of Daphne Oram to create an entire album, to unfold the story even more.

Mix from 2002

Andrea’s Website.

*Daphne Oram will be part of this series.


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