No.6 Wendy Carlos

Wendy Carlos – Acrylic on reclaimed wood

A pioneer of synthesis and early adopter of the Moog Modular, Wendy re-wrote the musical landscape and has created some of the most haunting and powerful electronic scores yet produced.

For me the motivation and inspiration to create is a reflection on our humanity, one of the best sides of our humanity. It’s a human need to express, for one’s own sake, and also so others can recognize the common truths within. We have to discover that what rings particularly true for one of us is probably true for others as well. We try to reach for something lasting within our humanity, since we are aware (being mortal human beings) of our short span of years. Most of us want to touch something of greater significance than just ourselves while we are still capable of doing it. It’s a yin/yang with our need to maintain honest, highly ethical standards. Thoughts like that don’t require any external spiritual scaffolding. I think they are noble and beautiful — and quite enough to live for — all on their own.

(Quote from ‘Only Human: Touching the Significance’ an interview with Carol Wright)

Wendy’s website.


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