400 Years

Will Shakespeare (after the Chandos Portrait) – Oil and acrylic over collage on chestnut panel

Did this for fun and to celebrate the anniversary. Will frame it up as a present for my Dad’s birthday this week.

The chestnut panel was an off-cut that a furniture making friend of mine gave me. I may add an extra glaze layer and varnish early to get cracks in the surface for an ageing effect…

I’m studying on the excellent free Shakespeare course from Warwick University at Future Learn, and one of the introductory section questions was – how are you celebrating the 400 year anniversary?

This was my answer.

My Dad has written a Sonnet for Shakespeare.

Death day 23 April 2016

A Tribute to William Shakespeare

May I compare you to a summer’s day?

You, being a poet, are intemperate: Your words shook all the fragile buds of May

And summer-time too quickly did abate.

As eyes smell onions so that heaven cries,

From camel-clouds that turn like whales to spout

Their cracked-cheek cataracts from raging skies,

So every fair from fair you turned about.But your tumultuous summers did not fade,

Your words, like pearls upon bright cowslips’ ears,

Still hang like dewdrops in each spring’s parade.

Time has not spent these long four hundred years

To tell tales lighting fools to dusty death

But stirs all feathers with eternal breath.


©  Mick Humphreys

23 April 2016


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