Ginevra (work in progress)

I have been going through a Tarkovsky obsession phase again, reading a biography and other works about his films and re-watching them, as well as discovering the poems of his father Arseny, which are perfectly beautiful.

I wanted to practise the flemish technique and I’ve been meaning to do another copy of a Leonardo. Bringing all this together, I chose the Ginevra de Benci portrait, which is referenced in Tarkovsky’s Mirror.

Here’s the original:


There were terrible tensions during the making of his films – jealousies, conflicts and infidelities. Tarkovsky’s wife Larissa had wanted the role taken by Margarita Terekhova and I can’t get away from the image of Terekhova while I am working on this copy. There is some underlying and powerful resemblance in terms of presence.


Here is the work so far:

There’s still a long way to go and the final piece may bear scant resemblance to the original masterwork – but it’s fun and I’m learning.

It could be that Margarita ends up taking over. To think that she could have played her namesake in a Tarkovsky adaptation of Bulgakov’s novel…


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