Ginevra Final Stage

I could probably do a lot more with this, but I think I have reached the final stage with Ginevra. Too nervous of ruining or overdoing it. The hair is nothing like the original – beyond my skill level at the moment – some grey on the face may need a touch of work and the black-lining is a little heavy, but I’m pretty happy with it.

Now the oil has to dry completely (for a few weeks…) and then I’ll probably add a few tiny finishing touches and details, paint out the frame and end with a final clear oil layer to make it consistent in sheen and tone.



4 thoughts on “Ginevra Final Stage

    1. Thanks! It’s been rewarding using oils again after a long gap. Interesting how much control you can get on skin tones and light quality. I have a lot to learn but I’m enjoying it so much.

      1. I’ll be working some more on this tomorrow and will post any major developments. Thank you for your support and kind comments. It means a lot to me and makes me want to do more. Best, Will

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