Lily Cole: Initial Sketch

Second attempt to practise the Flemish Technique. Sketched out the first layer in pencil and fixed it with a brush-over of Golden glazing medium. More detailed shading tomorrow, I hope.



3 thoughts on “Lily Cole: Initial Sketch

    1. Thank you. Lily Cole is an inspiring person. I happened on her image while I was searching for a Renaissance portrait to imitate/practise on and I decided she was more interesting. I loved your last post btw, the faces of the women are full of life and character – you have captured everything I try to get in my work. Looking forward to seeing more.

      1. Thanks so much, Will. I am encouraged by your kind remarks. I think Lily has one of those faces you just want to stare at all day. Of course, your sketching technique is brilliant. I loved that section under her chin. It’s going to come out really well in the finished painting. xo

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