Mrs Jynx begins

I absolutely adore the music of Mrs Jynx (aka Hannah Davidson). This is one of the portraits I’m most excited about as I’m not sure Hannah has anywhere near the recognition she deserves. I feel the same joy and pleasure from her creations as I do from Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin and I probably smile a lot more than I do when I listen to them. But I’ll do a proper post about her work when I’ve finished the portrait.

In the meantime this is my initial sketch in pencil and watercolour pencil over grey gesso. No oils planned on this one,  as they take so long to dry – it’s acrylics all the way from tomorrow.


Here is a quick link if anyone would like to listen to Mrs Jynx’s perfectly sublime music. If you haven’t heard of her and you like electronic music (or cats) then you’re in for a treat.

Her album The Standoffish Cat on Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Mrs Jynx begins

  1. I want to work in acrylics but am not sure how to compensate for the fact that they darken as they dry. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi, that’s a tricky one. Acrylics aren’t obviously reliable and are affected a lot by drying and what you do to them as well as by final coats and varnish layers. I learned that it helps in general to use mediums to dilute acrylics rather than water but they will affect the sheen and tone in different ways. Maybe get a small canvas board as a tester and mix a colour or tone you want to work with in different ways in squares side by side – neat/plain, then ones with water, with gloss gel, with matte gel and with a medium and compare them when they are dry. Could be an interesting experiment.

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