No.7 Mrs Jynx

Mrs Jynx – Acrylic on reclaimed board

Mrs Jynx is a musician I happened upon on one of my late night internet music wanderings. I’m a huge fan of Mike Paradinas’ record label Planet Mu and I found a track by her. I was instantly hooked and bought up everything else I could find.

Her music is unusual in that it appears at first to be bleepy electronica, following themes and motifs recognisable from other artists, but then something happens.  For me her tracks have the extremely rare quality of getting better the more you listen to them – the way works by PG Wodehouse or Jack Vance or Tarkovsky become more rich and complex each time you revisit. Also, there is a light, a quality of sunshine that glows through the music (like watching cats play or cresting the last rise in the road on your way home) and I love these tracks as much as almost any other music I can think of.

So, a bit of fan then…

Her key releases are:

  • The Standoffish Cat (2008)
  • Shark Carousel (2010)
  • Atlanta EP (2012)
  • Diving Loop (2013)

iTunes Link. Some releases are available via Bandcamp, Amazon and other outlets.

This is just one of her sublime tracks: Chocolate Oranges from her first album:

She’s been keeping quiet on the music front lately but I hope she will continue to release her serene, beautiful masterpieces and surprise us all soon.

Find a brief interview with Hannah here.

Oh, and here’s the Soundcloud link. Lots of treasures here for free listening.


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