Boards of Canada World


There is a massive community of people influenced by Scotland’s seminal Electronica outfit Boards of Canada, which I was vaguely aware of, but I had no idea how deep it was.

Here’s a video by BOC from their last album Tomorrow’s Harvest.


First off, there are the One on Twoism compilations:


Then the wonderfully named Dandelion Council:


That’s just two – there is so much more…

It would be too easy to dismiss all of this as imitative and derivative, but a band as deep, resonant and powerful as BOC leave (or draw upon)  a lot of traces in the listener, playing on their unconscious, memories and attachments – lost TV shows, grainy photos, road trips and the sense of yearning and transience left over from childhood – so it’s not surprising that there is such a strong and creative response from fans.

As a painter and musician I find that I’m perhaps trying to reach the same spaces as the artists who have influenced me the most, which I guess is why I click so strongly with their work in the first place. As Wendy Carlos put it (quoted in an earlier post here):

“…the motivation and inspiration to create is a reflection on our humanity, one of the best sides of our humanity. It’s a human need to express, for one’s own sake, and also so others can recognize the common truths within. We have to discover that what rings particularly true for one of us is probably true for others as well. We try to reach for something lasting within our humanity…”

Happy listening!


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