No.9 Björk


Does it make sense to talk of a ‘favourite song’?

If it does I might say Birthday by the Sugarcubes, Björks erstwhile band. I started liking ‘Indie’ music in my teens but it was very much underground and hard to hear. The Saturday Chart Show was one of the few terrestrial TV slots which might play the odd song and in 1987 I heard and saw this.

It still sounds strange and I still love it, though at the time it had an almost drug-like effect on my mind – the whole sound of it was so overwhelmingly different and beautiful.

Since then Björk has poured out a bewildering series of personae, albums and artistic pursuits that may take centuries to unpick.

I won’t say any more, except this…


Björk’s Website.


3 thoughts on “No.9 Björk

  1. It’s certainly a good song to pick as a favourite if you’re going to pick a favourite! I always like the bizarre. I think it’s … bizarre. The man playing the bugle in the sea (in the video) was perfect! Thanks for introducing me to Björks erstwhile band.

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