Solaris Mixtape

Here’s a mixtape video I made a while ago. Posting to celebrate Shura’s new album. Lots of space.

Film from ESA & NASA, Orbital footage by Alexander Gerst, vocal samples of Natalya Bondarchuk from Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky

Stumbleine – Heart Shaped Locket
Hiatus – Cloud City / Christ. – Arctica
Hiatus – Lionesque
Mt Wolf – Life Size Ghosts (Hiatus Remix)
Stumbleine – Ember
Hiatus – Iran Air
Christ. – Always to Play
Julia Holter – Night Song
Christ. – Gresham Flyer Dreams (typo in video credit…)
St Saviour – I Remember
Shura – Touch (Canvas Remix)
Stumbleine – Colourvision

Original music available to buy on Bandcamp (Stumbleine, Hiatus, Christ.) & iTunes (Mt Wolf, St Saviour, Julia Holter and Shura)


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