No.11 Ariadne’s Labyrinth

Ariadne’s Labyrinth – Acrylic and collage on reclaimed board

Ariadne’s Labyrinth is an electronic musician, violinist and pianist, based in London. She tends towards hard, complex beats and warm, melodic fuzzy sounds. The labyrinth moniker is appropriate; this is music to get lost in and I often feel like staying there.

Here she is re-mixing Mrs Jynx‘s superlative Chocolate Oranges track:

There are many more pieces up on the Soundcloud page. This is another favourite:

AL’s work is relatively new to me but, since I started this project, she has been incredibly supportive and is organising my first show from the series at a club night in London in march 2017. I hope to have around 20 paintings ready and to invite as many of the musician subjects as I can.

New EP from AL dropping first week of Jan on Detroit Underground, full details TBC soon.

And here are some videos from the last gig:

Find Ariadne’s Labyrinth on Facebook here.

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