Die, Mr. Partridge, Die!

That is a great sky, Mr Partridge or no.


Perhaps you remember Mr. Partridge, my sorry-looking bird I hastily painted last month for “Draw-a-Bird” day. Or, more likely, perhaps you’ve forgotten the woefully-misshapen fellow with his scraggly feathers and sad beak.

I’ve wished I could forget him, but he’s been sitting in the back room, mocking me each time I set foot through the door. “Oh, you thought you could paint!” he cries out to me. There’s no point trying to explain to him that he was never intended to be a work of art. He was just a quickly-painted sketch in honor of our monthly celebration.

For quite some time — actually, ever since I painted him — I’ve been planning to re-use the canvas upon which he reposed in all his glory. But maybe out of sympathy for the poor, bedraggled bird, I hadn’t gotten around to it.

Until today.

It began when I decided to try…

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