LANNDS – acrylic on collage

Happened upon the music of LANNDS recently and I began to listen to the songs over and over (and over). The music is pop, indie, electronica and it’s beautiful. Lyrics, rhythms, synth work and arrangements blend into a magical and ethereal wash of sound and the songs carry a depth of sadness and hope. There are connections for me (not necessarily for anyone else) with the sounds Shura makes (especially on Metanoia – look that up, it’s a lovely word), as well as perhaps IDER (on the list for this series). And the guitar riffs on Young Years are as great as The Van Pelt. I’m looking forward to a lot more – this music deserves to be heard.

LANNDS is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

No YouTube vids I’m afraid, or Bandcamp… so here’s a picture of the painting on the dining room table where I usually work.


Find out more on her Facebook page.

EP on iTunes here.

Soundcloud page here.


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