No.36 – Cherushii

Cherushii – Acrylic and paper on Chestnut Panel

I wanted this painting to look as though it might have washed ashore on a Pacific Coast beach. Re-reading Winter Tides by James Blaylock may be influencing me. Cherushii was a wonder – I wish I could have seen her perform and her death was a terrible loss to the world and to music.

Chelsea Faith Dolan, better known by her stage name Cherushii (September 14, 1983 – December 2, 2016), was an American electronic music producer, DJ, live performer, and radio host based in San Francisco. Influenced by house music, Detroit techno, and disco, she released several recordings on the independent dance music label 100% Silk, including Queen of Cups, Far Away So Close, and Memory of Water, reissued in 2017.

KQED named Cherushii’s album Meow Wolf’s Arcade Soundtracks: Wiggy’s Plasma Plex one of the 10 best Bay Area albums of 2016. Fellow electronic musician Maria Minerva has called Cherushii “criminally underrated”.

Dolan was one of 36 victims of a fire that broke out at an underground venue and artist collective in Oakland, California commonly referred to as the Ghost Ship warehouse on December 2, 2016.

Wikipedia Article: Cherushii


Memory of Water – 100% Silk, 2015
Cherushii & Maria Minerva – 100% Silk, 2019 (posthumous release)

Singles and EPs

Queen of Cups (12”) – 100% Silk, 2013
Far Away So Close (12”) – 100% Silk, 2015
Starlight Express (EP), 2015
Nobody’s Fool (EP), 2015
Manic (EP), 2016

Chelsea died alongside another musical hero – Cash Askew (of Them Are Us Too) who will be the subject of a future portrait in this series. Much love and memory to all those affected by the fire.

Bask in Cherushii’s sounds here:

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