Lætitia in Gold

Lætitia Sadier – Spray-paint on board

May do a limited series of this image from the retained stencil.



Portrait of my daughter (2011).

Maya (Acrylic on Canvas)

Golden Wedding Mucha

Golden Wedding – Acrylic & gold over collage on wood panel (after Mucha)

I did this for my Mum and Dad’s recent Golden Wedding Anniversary. It’s a collage painting after a famous work by Alphonse Mucha, with lots of real gold leaf over black gesso. I really love working on pieces like this, which I mostly do for fun and to practise technique.

Sabiscuit mentioned liking the gold, so here’s another one for you! Thanks for the follow and support.

Art archive on Google Photos

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 11.11.11

I have set up an archive of images of my work here. It will change and update as and when. and should eventually form a complete a catalogue as possible. Some work by Suzette Humphreys is also included as we have worked together so often.

I also include shots of works in progress and other related images – e.g. of gallery installations. Image quality is not perfect. I am working on a full quality set of high res and watermarked photos for the future.