Found Sound Mix

A mix made from a selection of tracks on this beautiful compilation just released by Touched – Music for Macmillan Cancer Support.


  1. Hugs by Bauri
  2. Unknown Place by Keiss
  3. Iguana by Boc Scadet
  4. Freyja by Gunnar Jónsson Collider
  5. Journey by epitomeZero
  6. Relais a9i ii6 by EXM
  7. Winter by r84d
  8. Reindeer by Plaid
  9. CAPEdownFUNK min0.5mix by Karsten Pflum
  10. Square Word by Monoform
  11. The Beach by sinQ
  12. Origin Flows by FSOL-Digitana-SX1
  13. Loose Freds by Ariadne’s Labyrinth

I plan to do another mix of more tracks from the compilation when I can.

Listen (and buy) to support the amazing work of Touched, Martin Boulton and the artists who contribute their work and their time.


Spring Mix 2017


1 Some Unique Snowflake by Stumbleine
2 Deep by Ivy Sole
3 Metamaterial by Blank Banshee
4 Sol A R Skies by ?
5 Traffic Duty by Arcade Summer
6 Koopa Cookies by venetian snares
7 UFO Tofu by Ariadne’s Labyrinth, Ivan Shopov & Valance Drakes
8 Chimera by Hiatus
9 Jools & Jops by Stumbleine
10 Nightmarket by Burial
11 Overcoming Negative Emotions by Ariadne’s Labyrinth
12 Young Death by Burial
13 Solid Motion (Black Hole) by Higher Intelligence Agency
14 Rifle by Horizon Fire

No.14 Leila Arab


The following text is from Wikipedia. Info on Leila is sparse. Her music is rich, complex and fabulous.

Leila (born Leila Arab Persian: لیلا عرب‎‎) is an Iranian-born recording artist, producer and DJ based in London, England.

She has worked with prominent European musicians including Björk, and has released music on Rephlex Records, XL Recordings and Warp Records.

She has also recorded experimental and rare music under the alias Grammatix (credited as Aliel Bara) and Little Miss Specta. Most recently, Leila released the album U&I for Warp Records featuring Mt.Sims in January 2012, her latest since 2008’s Blood, Looms & Blooms.

Recording History

In 1993, she began working with Björk for the ‘Debut’ and ‘Post’ tours. In 1998, she released her debut album ‘Like Weather’ on Rephlex Records which included the single Don’t Fall Asleep. The album features vocal contributions from Donna Paul, Luca Santucci and Leila’s sister, Roya Arab. In 2000, she released Courtesy of Choice on XL Recordings, with vocal contributions from the same singers. In 2003, she rejoined Björk for her 2003 greatest hits tour. In 2005, a collaboration between Leila and Björk from the greatest hits tour called ‘Nameless’ (subsequently titled “Storm”) appeared on the Matthew Barney film and soundtrack of Drawing Restraint 9. In 2008, she released her album Blood, Looms and Blooms on Warp Records. On this album, Leila worked with Terry Hall and Martina Topley-Bird in addition to her long term collaborators Luca Santucci and Roya Arab. In 2009, she contributed a cover of an Aphex Twin song to the Warp20 (Recreated) compilation. Her song ‘Underwaters’ is the track on the 2011 Avios advert with the flying electrical equipment.

Selected discography

  • Like Weather (Rephlex Records, 1998)
    (EPs/Singles:) ‘Don’t Fall Asleep’, ‘Space Love’.
  • Courtesy of Choice (XL Recordings, 2000)
    (EP/Single) ‘Sodastream’
  • Blood, Looms, and Blooms (Warp Records, 2008)
    (EP/Singles) ‘Mettle’, ‘Deflect’.
  • U&I (Warp Records, 2012)
    (EP/Singles) ‘(disappointed cloud) anyway’, ‘welcome to your life’

One of my favourite Leila tracks – ‘Feeling’:

No.13 Trish Keenan


Patricia Anne “Trish” Keenan (28 September 1968 – 14 January 2011) was the lead vocalist and founding member of Broadcast.  She died of complications after suffering from pneumonia shortly after she contracted flu while touring in Australia.

For me, Trish had one of the most memorable and haunting voices ever. I was lucky to see her perform with Broadcast at Koko. She was lost to the world too soon… I will miss her.

Here she is singing ‘Come on Let’s Go’ on Jools Holland.

And here is some immortal hauntology from Broadcast and The Focus Group. All circles vanish…

Kasia Mixtape 4

This mix has a new discovery for me – Norwegian duo Smerz to open – saw them supporting Shura last week in Bristol and they completely blew me away. Some hidden treasures include Ariadne’s Labyrinth – a musician to look out for – an unreleased track and Burial’s new release, and… well, I hope you like it.


Smerz – Sure

Mrs Jynx – Something that was Everything

Ochre – Like Dust in the Balance

Cigarettes after Sex – K

Ariadne’s Labyrinth – Patternicity

BAIKAL – Mysterious Woods

Burial – Young Death

YAGI – Yesterday

Everyday Dust – Moss

Horizon Fire – Earthlight

Kasia Mixtape II

I enjoyed making the last one so much I’ve done another one.


Burial – Come Down (Part 1)
Oldboy – Germany
Burial – Come Down (Part 2)
Julia Holter – Vasquez
Burial – Come Down (Part 3)
FM-84 – Let’s Talk
Stumbleine – She Stole the Beach
Adam Johnson – Version02
Ivy Sole – Malika
Panama Fleets – Queensview
Christ. – Happyfourtwenty
Orange Crush – Sudden Rain

I split the longer Burial track into parts – it is a ludicrously attractive tunnel of sonic joy (to me anyway) and blended it with the usual suspects, the people I’ve been orbiting around lately.

Dark Fall Mixtape

Love and shadows – this stuff is dark, bleak and grinding, but it makes me happy. The world is pretty scary right now and as Chuck Wendig says, Art can help.


00:00 – Burial – Hiders

04:25 – Higher Intelligence Agency – Skank

12:06 – Silk Road Assassins – Shaded

16:02 – Burial- Rival Dealer

23:24 – Aphex Twin – Simple slamming

27:08 – Autechre – Conoid Form

32:10 – Higher Intelligence Agency – Conoid Tone

37:06 – Kuedo – Slow Knife

41:00 – Falty DL – Brazil (Maddslinky Remix)

44:10 – Burial – Rival Dealer

47:18 – Horizon Fire – Turning Machines

52:06 – Burial – Hiders

Mixtape for Kasia

A friend of mine is moving to London, so I made her a mixtape.


Sharon Van Etten – Not Myself

Andy Stott – How It Was

Stumbleine- Be Tru

Mrs Jynx – Coral Face

Broadcast – You & Me In Time

Múm – We Have a Map of the Piano

Juliana Barwick – Big Hollow

Byetone – Golden Elegy

Aphex Twin – Xtal

Ivy Sole – Cloud Kickin’

Autechre – Perlence Suns

Cigarettes After Sex – I’m a Firefighter

Panama Fleets – Walking Distance

Mrs Jynx – For Afters

Oldboy – Nagoya Interchange