Statue Study

At the Railway Inn in Ashcott, Somerset, at the far end of a sloping lawn on the edge of the bird sanctuary swamp, there are two enormous statues made of some kind of resin or plastic, but they look like stone.

Shura, London & Scarlett

Been going through my archives as I’m looking for photo sources for my upcoming show (more details very soon) and I spotted a set I took back in June.

I was in London to see Shura preview her debut album. I carried a small portrait with me to give her – rather randomly it was of Scarlett Johansson – and I got to meet her and her twin brother, Nick.  Meeting them, and hearing the album and Shura talk about it was a lovely experience.

I hope she likes the painting… it was one I’d planned to hold onto, but it seemed like the right choice.

Anyway, here are the photos.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a decent picture of the event itself, or the required selfie I should have got with me next to Shura holding the painting, but it only occurred to me later… Perhaps it’s for the best… I tend to forget about photos when something really involving is going on… and the whole selfie thing is a bit too much.

Here is a so-so shot of the event and the portrait I gave Shu.

So, the point of the post is…

  1. I am (purely sonically) in love with Shura.
  2. I will be working on some of these London images for new paintings. Gloomy post-Brexit urban punkscapes anyone?

Paint to Escape: Banksy in Taunton

More archive shots. A few years ago, this rat appeared under a bridge over the Tone near Morrison’s supermarket.

2012-05-16 08.01.42

It was almost certainly by Banksy. If anyone knows otherwise I’d love to hear (could be Blek le Rat…).

The Council had it painted over and then, later a second image appeared.


It’s all gone now.

Thought I’d share it as I was scrolling through old pics.


Spray-painting a blackboard to refresh it today, helping friends get ready for their wedding garden party. It’s a very photogenic yard and I started snapping details. I tend to collect shots like this for ideas.