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This site showcases my art and music (mostly mixes of favourites here so far, but some of my pieces too). The blog lists all entries.

Currently my focus is on portraits of women, but I have been known to paint land and seascapes, abstracts and surreal/cartoon pieces.

The Electronica section displays my ongoing project – a planned series of 100 portraits of female electronic music artists.

I wanted to do something as a tribute to all the women who have made the music that has enriched my life. So I’m starting a series of (random number) 100 paintings of female electronica artists whose work I love, based on various eclectic, arcane and unquantifiable criteria.

An Archive page shows older works and projects. A live catalogue on Google Photos is available here.

I’m not working on a web shop that will offer prints and posters.

Some of my music can be found here.


Will Pic 2016

I’m Will Humphreys, an artist, musician and teacher based in Somerset, UK.

For more information, to purchase any pieces or commission an artwork, please contact me at “humphreyswill at gmail dot com.”

*The title image is from my last show and features a portrait of Emily Blunt, who doesn’t make electronica as far as I know, but who did star in Sicario.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am Cherushii’s mother. I stumbled upon this painting of Chelsea and your electronica project quite by accident. Thank you for honoring her memory in this way. Chelsea was an extraordinary human being, colorful, creative, and unfailingly kind. You captured the sadness of her loss, and the beauty that will live on.
    Colleen Dolan

    1. Dear Colleen, thank you so much for getting in touch – that is deeply moving. I am so sorry for you loss. Chelsea’s music will live on and I am honoured to contribute something to her memory. Would it be possible for me to send you the portrait? I will cover any costs – part of the meaning or purpose of the project is to get the paintings to the musician or to family. Please let me know if you would like that. Will Humphreys

  2. Dear Will,
    Thank you for this generous offer. I was just writing back to see if I could purchase this painting from you. I would love to have it near me. Forgive me for not asking permission, but I posted it with your humphreyswill website info on my Facebook page. It was well received by Chelsea’s friends and mine. I’m struck by the way you saw the depth and ongoing-ness of her spirit. She was always larger than life. Chelsea surrounded herself with talented, kind-hearted friends. She would have loved your work. It’s a shame you never met.
    My email is [Address]

    1. Thank you Colleen, it’s great that you shared the art. I really appreciate it. I will email you later today and arrange to send you the portrait painting. Will

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